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Energy Plans

Energy Plans

Waypoint, and our partner, Project Co, are committed to consuming energy in an efficient, cost effective, environmentally responsible manner. It is recognized that utility costs are necessary to operate the facility but do not directly contribute to the quality of services offered in the facility. As such, as utility costs rise, it is imperative to reduce energy consumption in order to continue to provide services at or exceeding current standards.

Energy Management is important at Waypoint because:
  • The Government of Ontario has created the Green Energy Act, which requires all public sector organizations to create conservation and demand management plans.
  • LEED Gold Targeted for Atrium Building and will be certified under BOMA BESt program, both of which includes a significant section on energy savings
  • Waypoint and Project Co have established an annual Energy Target for the Atrium Building. This can only be accomplished through good energy management practices and policies.
  • Lower energy costs provide more room in the operating budget for patient and facility services.
  • As utility prices rise, lower energy consumption is key to keeping energy costs manageable.

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