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What is My Health, My Way?

My Health, My Way is a powerful online tool that gives you easy and secure access to information about your mental health care at Waypoint. 

Who is it for?
My My Health, My Way is for patients of Waypoint who have been offered enrollment while receiving services. Waypoint will continue to roll-out the My Health, My Way portal in additional areas and will provide an update once the portal is available to you.

What information can I find in My Health, My Way?
As the My Health, My Way portal rolls out at Waypoint the information that is included may change.  To find a list of information included please refer to:
My Health, My Way Personal Health Information Guide <insert link to document>

Why should I use My Health, My Way?
My Health, My Way contains important information that can help empower you as you work in collaboration with your clinical team to achieve your recovery goals. My Health, My Way enables you to review personal health information and prepare for your appointments. Because My Health, My Way is an online portal, this information is simple to access, and always available and up to date.

Where can I access My Health, My Way?
You can access My Health, My Way from any place where you have a computer/tablet or phone with internet access. If you do not have a device of your own, you can access My Health, My Way from a computer at places like the public library. When accessing the My Health, My Way portal from a public place, ensure you are protecting your privacy. See Protecting Your Privacy in Quick Tips.

Only patients who have been enrolled during admission/registration will be able to access the My Health, My Way portal. Click here to access the My Health, My Way web portal.

Questions or Concerns?
Call 705-549-3181 x 4941 or email [email protected].

My Health, My Way


Quick Tips

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Protecting Your Privacy

My Health, My Way Health Information Guide
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My Health, My Way only contains a portion of your medical record. You can request your full legal record from the Health Information Department.
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