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March2023-Clinical Services Plan
Clinical Services Plan
Rob Desroches 
 Rob Desroches
Vice-President Clinical Services and
Chief Operating Officer

Lead, inspire, and advance high-quality integrated care in mental health & addictions and specialized geriatric services

Clinical services are at the core of what we do at Waypoint. They are the primary way we contribute to better overall health and well-being for people living in our region and across the province. As we plan for the future, we must reflect on where we’re doing well to meet the needs of our patients/clients, their families, our team, our partners, the region and the province. At the same time, we want to better understand the gaps and opportunities for improvement in our work.

Waypoint is uniquely positioned in our regional and provincial contexts. Our specialized areas of expertise in mental health & addictions, forensics, and geriatrics along with our central geographic location present us with several opportunities to lead, inspire and advance high-quality integrated care through our clinical services plan. We want to ensure we’re focusing our knowledge and resources to create the greatest value for our patients/clients and their families. This includes considering the types of services we provide, how we deliver care, and the different ways we can support and build capacity with our partners to better integrate and align our efforts toward shared goals.

Quote from Rob Desroches re: Clinical Services PlanWe will approach our strategic directions and objectives through a learning health system lens, taking a participatory approach, gathering input from people with relevant experiences and perspectives, ensuring our work is evidence-based, and by leveraging best practice, research, and data to inform what we do. 

We will continue to advance clinical service excellence and quality care within our inpatient, outpatient, community, and regional services. 

This direction will help us achieve the quintuple aim of the best experiences and outcomes for patients/clients and families, delivered as equitably and efficiently as possible, from a workforce that is well-skilled and supported to deliver that care. This will push us to operate as a learning health system, supported by high quality data, evaluation, and research to make evidence-informed decisions.

We will nurture strategic and clinical partnerships and enhance our reputation as a trusted partner in order to build more system capacity across the care continuum and for those who face barriers to care.

Through these partnerships, and by leveraging Waypoint’s resources and expertise, we will build further system capacity. We are fortunate that we are not starting from scratch in this regard. Waypoint has a history of building successful partnerships that have driven meaningful changes for patients/clients and their families. We will work to ensure our patients/clients receive the right care at the right time in the right place by working collaboratively within our regional expert networks.

We will also lead and support the development of integrated systems of care and integrated care pathways. Waypoint is in a position to help lead the development and implementation of several of these systems and pathways. This is made possible by our deep knowledge and expertise, the clinical services we provide, and the system relationships we have built through our regional expert networks. Where appropriate, we will take a lifespan view in these areas, continuing to build our expertise as well as nurturing relationships with service providers across the age continuum.

The overarching goal of this plan is aspirational, yet achievable: advancing population health by building system capacity, nurturing partnerships and integration, championing health system transformation, encouraging innovation, promoting equitable care, and being leaders in clinical excellence.

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