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Housing for Healthcare
Housing for Healthcare

Do you have a room sitting empty, a cottage, garage loft, or an apartment or house for rent locally?


Waypoint is working hard to attract new staff and new students/learners to train, but our recruits need housing to make their move. You can support local healthcare by promoting your vacant residential space using the form below.


Help us bridge the housing gap, and potentially get tenants into your space and money into your pocket. Together, we can create a home for healthcare workers.


Please note that only employees and future employees of Waypoint will receive this information. By completing this form, you consent to share the information collected below with Waypoint employees and future employees seeking housing.


For more information or if you have questions, please email [email protected]


Personal Information



First Name         Last Name  


Phone Number        Email  



Accomodation Information


Rental Address


Type of Housing


Other housing type   


Number of bedrooms?    


Fully furnished? 


Rent amount per month?    


Is first and last month rent required? 


Are all utilities include in rent?  


If no, please list utilities NOT included   


Laundry onsite? 


Free parking available?  


Pet friendly? 


If yes, which pets are allowed?



Dates available?      


If other, please specify available dates 


If short term only, how long is your accomodation available?


Is your accommodation fully maintained? (i.e. snow removal, grass cutting)  


If yes, what is included in the maintenance of the property?



Do you consent to share the data collected in this form with Waypoint employees and potential employees who are looking for housing opportunities?


Please feel free to send photos of your rental opportunity to [email protected]


Thank you

Seeking housing or accommodation?
Are you a Waypoint employee, potential employee, or a student/learner who is looking for housing or accommodations? We may be able to help.

Waypoint has information on potential housing or accommodation opportunities. Simply complete this FORM and one of our team members will contact you if we have a match.