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Advancing understanding at the Waypoint Research Institute

Advancing understanding at the Waypoint Research InstituteWaypoint Research Institute


The Waypoint Research Institute continues to advance understanding of mental illness with several research projects underway. Building on the hospital's long and illustrious history in research, the strategic direction to Discover guides us as we advance research, embrace education, and seek, generate and apply new knowledge and practices to create the best possible outcomes for patients. Check out some of the projects underway.


Building youth resilience: A collaborative approach

This collaborative project is being conducted by members of the Waypoint Research Institute, Soyeon Kim, Kimberly Belfry, and Christopher Canning, along with members of Organizational Development, Shavon Stafford, Sarah Farr, Dustin Kenney, and Nicole Mace. Funded through a $335,000 grant from TD Ready Commitment, this project is supporting youth across the region through the development of a new online mental health program to promote mental health and resilience; a tool designed with youth for youth that will be available to youth and youth organizations for free.


Common language for intimate partner violence risk appraisal and mitigation: An evidenced-based policing approach

Supported by a $199,000 Partnership Development grant from the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council, Dr. Zoe Hilton, Elke Ham, and Meghan Weissflog are working with a team to guide law enforcement across Canada in assessing and responding to intimate partner violence, including enabling them to better appraise risk, prioritize cases, and allocate resources.


Reducing self-harm and suicidal behaviour in the inpatient services using experience based co-design

Bolstered by a grant from the University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry, Suicide Studies, Dr. Andrea Waddell and her team are identifying the root causes of suicidal behaviour and self-injury among patients on the acute mental health inpatient program and integrating experience-based co-design to improve the suicide risk assessment process.


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