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New Medical Directors join the Waypoint team
New medical director of child and youth mental health at Waypoint
Dr. Rob Meeder 
Dr. Rob Meeder 

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care is pleased to announce our board of directors has approved the establishment of a new medical director position and welcomed Dr. Rob Meeder to the role. 

Dr. Meeder joins the hospital in the role Medical Director for Child and Youth Mental Health. He will support Waypoint’s existing youth programs and work with partners to improve accessible, coordinated and high quality mental health care for children and youth across the system.

“Waypoint is one of the members of the Central Ontario Regional Ontario Health Team for Specialized Populations, a group of ten partners working together to develop an Innovative Model of health care supporting mental health and addiction services in the region,” says Dr. Nadiya Sunderji, Waypoint Psychiatrist-in-Chief. “Our new Strategic Plan has a focus on leadership and collaborative partnerships in support of exceptional patient experiences and outcomes. This new medical director will help move these priorities forward.”

Dr. Meeder completed his Doctor of Medicine at McMaster University and Pediatrics Residency at Western University, and has completed specialty training in child and youth mental health. He was the Clinical Lead for Behaviour and Mental Health with the Orillia Pediatrics Teaching Associates, and was a member of the Department of Pediatrics at Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital for many years. He is also a member of the Central Ontario Regional Ontario Health Team for Specialized Populations and has been involved in regional planning and clinical innovation for children and youth mental health care. 

“Perhaps now more than ever, young people and their families need timely support for early intervention and prevention to give hope for the brightest possible future,” says Carol Lambie, Waypoint president and CEO. “In this new reality, we are also focusing on collaboration with primary care physicians, and community and acute care partners, as well as championing the adoption of technology such as tele-mental health care. Dr. Meeder will be an important addition to our team to help us strengthen these areas and will play a key role in enabling better care integration with health care partners and providers.”

Dr. Meeder has been working from Waypoint’s Outpatient Program at the Community Health Hub since February 2020 and is currently providing his mental health clinic services virtually.