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Accountability Agreements

Accountability Agreements

Hospital Service Accountability Agreements (H-SAAs) are tools to help clarify expectations, facilitate the assessment of performance and improve processes and policies in both hospitals and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

The H-SAA reflects a commitment to joint planning and negotiation, collaborative problem-solving and continuous improvement. It is a flexible document that will adjust as hospitals and the health-care system change.

2023-2024 Hospital Services Accountability Agreement (HSAA)
2023-2024 Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (MSAA) 

HSAA Compliance Reporting
HSAA Declaration of Compliance 2022-2023

MSAA Compliance Reporting
MSAA Declaration of Compliance 2022-2023
MSAA Declaration of Compliance 2021-2022
MSAA Declaration of Compliance 2020-2021
MSAA Declaration of Compliance 2019-20
MSAA Declaration of Compliance 2018-19

Previous Accountability Agreements
2022-2023 Hospital Services Accountability Agreement - Extension (HSAA)
2020 Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (MSAA)
2021 Hospital Services Accountability Agreement Amending Agreement
2020 Hospital Services Accountability Agreement (HSAA)
2019-2022 Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (MSAA)
2019-2020 Hospital Services Accountability Agreement (HSAA)
2018-2019 Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (HSAA) Schedules Extension
2018-2019 Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (MSAA)
2018-2020 Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (HSAA)