Professional Practice
Professional Practice

At Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, Professional Practice is an inter-professional department which utilizes empirical evidence, clinical expertise, and collaboration to improve clinical outcomes for the people we serve.

Professional Practice supports Waypoint’s Strategic Direction to Serve, Discover, and Lead through:
Staff training and education
Enhancing scope and health disciplines roles/responsibilities
Innovative use of technology 
Ongoing collaboration with stakeholders and community partners
Clinical record auditing with focus on enhanced patient outcomes through improvement of
        documentation practices

Promotion of current research and evidence based practices to inform care decisions 
Supporting exceptional clinical practice

Professional Practice strives to improve the quality of care for inpatient and community clients of Waypoint being a leader within the field of mental health care. To this end, Waypoint has developed partnerships both formal and informal to continue to advance best practice for mental health services. 

If you would like to contact Professional Practice at Waypoint for inquiry or to discuss future opportunities for collaboration, please contact us at: [email protected].