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Visiting a patient


Effective Monday, Sept. 18, 2023, surgical masks will be required to be worn by all staff on the inpatient units and the outpatient areas when providing direct care to patients. Providing direct care occurs when one is entering the patient space (closer than 6 feet) and when one will be having an interaction with a patient. Masks should also be worn when transporting patients from one area to the another within the facility as they will be closer than 6 feet to a patient.

At this time masks are not required in any other areas of Waypoint but as a reminder Waypoint remains mask friendly and staff and visitors are free to wear a mask when they feel that they may require one.

This change to masking guidance is being made as we are entering respiratory virus season and COVID levels continue to increase both locally and provincially. We are also experiencing a steady flow of staff reported COVID illness. This practice aligns with practices at our regional hospital partners.

Guiding Principles for visits

 * While visits do not need to be pre-arranged, it is recommended to contact
    the program social worker to let them know of the visit. Without prior visit
    arrangements, the visit may be delayed and/or may not be able to occur.

 * In general, visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily throughout
    Waypoint. Visiting hours may vary on different programs. Visitors should
    contact the program they are planning to visit to confirm specific visiting
    hours (where applicable), as there are activities and programs occurring
    throughout the day that patients may choose to attend.

 * Patients are allowed up to four (4) visitors at one time. Special
    arrangements to have more visitors may be made in advance with 
    appropriate staff.

 * No more than four (4) visitors are allowed on the program at one time. 
 * Masks are no longer universally mandatory for patients, visitors and
    staff at Waypoint. Waypoint continues to be mask friendly and supports
    anyone who chooses to wear a mask in the hospital. Masks will
    continue to be available.

 * Please do not visit if you are feeling unwell. 


Paid Parking

Paid parking is in effect at Waypoint. Visitors remain exempt from paid parking however are required to park in the marked Visitor Parking spaces available on the campus (see map). Visitor Parking spaces are marked in green. Parking Lot A has the largest number of visitor spots so this may be where you want to check first. You do not require a tag if you are in a Visitor Parking space.

If you arrive at Waypoint and all Visitor parking spots across the campus are in use, please visit security staff at the Toanche building main desk to obtain a visitor parking tag to display in your vehicle. 

Contacting Waypoint

 * Main telephone number: 705 549-3181 or toll free 1 877 341-4729

 * Confidential patient/client information requests: ext. 2597 /

    Fax 705.549.3778

 * Communications and Fund Development: ext. 2073 /

    [email protected]This email is for general info or media
    inquiries only

 * Human Resources: [email protected]
 * For information on video visiting, or to schedule a video visit,
    please email [email protected]

Getting to Waypoint

 * Looking for Directions by car? Click here.
 * Coming by bus? 
The Midland / Penetanguishene transit stops right in front
    of Waypoint's main entrance. For more information on this service including
    hours of operation, please visit: 
    Town of Midland website
    Town of Penetanguishene website

Food and Beverage

The Bay Café is open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday serving a variety of hot food choices, a salad bar and daily soup options. We also offer canteen outlets and vending machines on the campus.

Photography on our grounds

Waypoint’s location on the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay makes it an ideal place to take pictures; however, protecting patient privacy is one of our highest priorities and we ask that you also respect the privacy of those around you. Prior permission must be obtained from Waypoint's Communications staff before any photography, audio or video, including drones, can take place on any Waypoint property or building. Consent, verbal and written, must also be obtained from the people who will be included in all photos, video or audio. 

You may be asked to stop taking a photo, video or audio recording and delete any recordings taken if you do not have prior approval or if your actions interfere with care or services being provided. 

For inquiries regarding photography, video or audio, including drones, please contact Communications and Fund Development at [email protected] or 705.549.3181, ext. 2073. 

Scent Reduced Environment

For the safety and comfort of those with allergies and scent sensitivities,
Waypoint is a scent-reduced environment. Patients, staff, visitors and
volunteers should avoid wearing scented products or bringing scented
flowers to Waypoint.

Smoke-free/Vape-free Environment

Waypoint is dedicated to promoting the safety and wellness of its patients, employees, and visitors by raising awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco use and eliminating second-hand smoke exposure and triggers. Tobacco, cannabis, and the use of electronic cigarettes (vaping) are not permitted on Waypoint property. This includes inside the building, in the parking lot or inside cars in the parking lot, walking pathways, the entire Waypoint campus and any community building where Waypoint provides service.


The Gift Shop

Waypoint's Gift Shop is located in the lobby and open to the public. It is volunteer-run and the hours vary. All proceeds go to patient programming and activities.