COVID-19 Information for patients and visitors
COVID-19 Information for Patients, Clients and Families
Updated March 24, 2020 

Waypoint continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and implement decisions to help reduce the risk of virus transmission as much as possible for our patients, staff, and community.  
During this difficult time we want to assure you the hospital has several measures in place to protect your health and that of your loved one while in our care, and our team remains dedicated to treating everyone with care and respect.  
With safety as our top priority, the following measures are currently in place at the hospital: 
 * Visitors
At this time, we are planning for the gradual re-introduction of visitors to the hospital. Our approach will be evaluated regularly to reflect the changing presence of COVID-19 in the local environment, PPE availability and safety protocols in consideration of the congregate care setting at Waypoint. Given the importance of connectedness to family, friends and community, we remain committed to continue using technology to enable virtual visits currently in place.

Compassionate visits are still being considered for end of life care or palliative circumstances and must have prior approval. Professional visits including legal counsel or specialist care will continue.  
 * Patient Movement
With significant infection prevention and control measures in place, we have been able to reintroduce gradual movement of patients off the unit, one unit at a time. At this time, we have implemented a walk program for patients in regional programs and gym access for patients in provincial programs.

 * Deliveries for patients
We have been able to reintroduce some online deliveries for some patients and continue to work on making this a possibility for the entire hospital.  
 * Temporary closure of the Georgianwood Program
The temporary closure of our Georgianwood Program continues. We understand the important work that occurs on the Georgianwood program and these changes are temporary. The program will resume treatment as soon as possible.  
 * Social Distancing Reminder and no Loitering
We’re being told by public health experts that social distancing is one of the most important things we can do to stop the spread of this virus. While this can be difficult when space is limited, we can get creative. Greeting with a wave, not congregating around the care desk and doing your best to keep apart 6ft or 2 meters 
What precautions and measures does Waypoint have in place?
Waypoint has routine practices for managing situations such as flu outbreaks. In addition, the hospital has implemented the following additional precautions and measures: 
 * All new admissions are isolated and tested for COVID-19
 * Patients are asked to let staff know if they are feeling unwell with any symptoms of illness. 
 * Appropriate processes and precautions are in place for patients with acute respiratory symptoms or have
    been in contact with a person who has travelled or is ill, including isolation rooms if necessary. 
 * Using technology as much as possible to connect with community clients as much as possible. Screening
    for any symptoms of illness must be completed before any face-to-face meeting occurs. 
 * Visitor restrictions remain in place while we explore the gradual reintroduction of visitors, patient
    movement and deliveries are limited and the Georgianwood Program is temporarily closed 
 * Entrances to the hospital have been reduced and screening is taking place for anyone entering the
 * Infection Prevention and Control procedures and practices are robust with ongoing training and support
    for staff.
 * Hand washing stations and clear signage is posted throughout the hospital advising visitor restrictions to
    keep patients safe.
 * Waypoint has adequate personal protective equipment and the necessary facilities to contain spread.
 * Enhanced cleaning is in place for busy areas including our entrances and at our community locations.
 * The Emergency Response Plan was initiated and includes daily meetings to ensure we are up to date and
How you can take care of yourself and stop the spread: 
 * practice frequent hand washing/using hand sanitizer
 * wear a mask in indoor public spaces or when you can't keep a distance of 6 feet or 2 metres
 * cough and/or sneeze into your arm or a tissue and not onto your hand
 * avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
 * avoid close contact with individuals who are sick 
 * stay home if you are ill
If you are looking on-line for information we would encourage you to use reputable websites including the World Health Organization, Health Canada and the Government of Ontario. The Government of Ontario website lists the status of cases in Ontario including confirmed positive and negative cases. 
This is a challenging time for everyone. You may be seeing people wearing masks, your routines have changed and activities cancelled. We urge you to speak with your team about your feelings and ask questions so you feel informed.  
Information is changing rapidly and we will provide further updates as needed.