Waypoint’s Board Chair and CEO respond to OPSEU media release
Waypoint’s Board Chair and CEO respond to OPSEU media release (en anglais)
Posted on 12/17/2018
Waypoint’s Board Chair and CEO respond to OPSEU media release

The board and senior executives of Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care have received a media statement from OPSEU calling for the resignation of the senior leadership team. 

In response, John Barrett-Hamilton, Chair of the Board of Directors said “The Board is not looking for the Waypoint senior leadership team to resign. We value their commitment and dedication to our patients and staff and dealing with the many challenges of both the mental health and addiction system, and health care in general. The Board is regularly kept informed on the many complex issues facing Waypoint and we are confident in the abilities of our senior leadership team in managing the hospital.” 

In response to OPSEU’s claim about mismanagement in regards to scheduling, Waypoint President and CEO Carol Lambie says there are many facets in staffing a hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dissatisfaction with current processes and other concerns have been brought forward by staff for some time. The hospital has been working with the union, seeking staff feedback and looking at various options, and is set to implement changes that align with practices used at other hospitals.

Lambie also notes Waypoint has been notified an unfair labour practice complaint has been filed by OPSEU and will follow the process laid out by the Ontario Labour Relations Board to address the complaint. 

The OPSEU statement referred to a number of health and safety matters. With respect to the issues raised by the union, the hospital’s procedure for patient elopements includes notifying the police, other stakeholders and the public if an incident escalates to a concern for public safety, she said. This protocol was not breached during the incident referenced in the media statement. Thanks to the safety and security systems in place and the efforts of staff, the incident was contained on the hospital property before it was necessary to involve the police.

As required by law, the hospital is addressing all Ministry of Labour orders. Health and safety is a priority and third party experts are regularly involved in assessing the environment. Most of the recommendations stemming from a recent third-party risk assessment and other provincial reports have been completed, with others underway or planned for the future. Regular monitoring continues by the Board, Leadership Team, Quality Committee of the Board, Medical Advisory Committee and the Joint Health and Safety Committee comprised of staff, management and union representatives.

“We will continue to involve all levels of staff as we work towards these and other improvements that support our patients and staff. Regularly communicating on these and other initiatives to all internal stakeholders will also continue,” said Lambie.

“We can assure the public that the commitment by the senior leadership team is unwavering to ensure patients, staff and the community are not at risk. Much has been accomplished in the last ten years to improve the lives of patients and clients and support a healthy and safe work environment for staff, and this work continues” said Barrett-Hamilton.