Using mindfulness to build communication skills and increase coping strategies
Using mindfulness to build communication skills and increase coping strategies
Posted on 10/18/2018
Using mindfulness to build communication skills and increase coping strategies

Do you struggle with the round the clock demands on your life? Living with depression or anxiety symptoms? Looking to learn some tools on how develop coping strategies and manage stress? Mindfulness could be the answer.

Mindfulness Without Borders, a registered not-for-profit, is joining forces with Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care to offer two specialized programs on mindfulness and social emotional learning. 
Join facilitator Amber McAuley this fall for the Mindfulness Ambassador Program or the Mindfulness Facilitator Certification training. 

Amber is a seasoned Mindfulness Without Borders facilitator and leads mindfulness-based programs in schools, health and correctional settings. She is an author, public speaker, child and youth counselor, and is passionate about strengthening mental health in young people. 

“I was a patient at Waypoint in their acute care program about eleven years ago,” Amber shares. “In addition to the care I received, it was really these tools that saved my life. I believe in the power of mindfulness to heal, and help people thrive and I want to share this with the world.”

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. The program teaches active listening, breathing techniques and helps prepare you to deal with difficult emotions, stressful situations and anxiety. 

“With the days getting shorter and the holidays around the corner, it can be a difficult time of year for many,” says Amber. “Learning and practicing mindfulness techniques can help people tune into what they’re feeling and be compassionate toward those feelings.”

The Mindfulness Ambassador Program starts October 30th and is offered one hour a week for eight weeks. Participants will learn how to develop daily mindfulness practice, understand the science and its benefits, build effective communication skills and experience first-hand the benefit of cultivating mindfulness in their daily lives.

The Mindfulness Facilitator Certification training focuses on social-emotional competencies individuals need to improve attention and communication skills; work with emotions, develop coping strategies and manage stress. Participants will receive all the tools needed to allow them to adapt the model to the community they serve. This 3-day course begins November 7th and is offered one day a week for three weeks.

For more information on this program or to register, please visit or email Amber McAuley at