Cannabis remains prohibited at Waypoint (en anglais)
Cannabis remains prohibited at Waypoint
Posted on 10/17/2018
Cannabis remains prohibited at Waypoint 

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care continues to prohibit the use, possession or cultivation of cannabis, following the legalization of this substance on October 17, 2018. As the property owner, Waypoint reserves this right. Prohibited use, possession and cultivation apply to everyone on Waypoint property including staff, medical staff, patients/clients, visitors, volunteers, students, contractors and consultants.
Conclusive evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of cannabis as a medical treatment is limited. Waypoint policy prohibits use and possession of medical cannabis on all Waypoint property unless a Waypoint physician determines the continuation of previously established treatment for patients/clients 25 years or older on admission.

Waypoint has policies in place related to the medical use of cannabis as well as staff use of alcohol and substances. 

A reminder also that Waypoint is a smoke-free campus in alignment with the Smoke Free Ontario Act. As a smoke-free campus, smoking or vaping tobacco or cannabis is prohibited in hospital buildings, on hospital grounds, in public spaces and in vehicles.

Providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone remains a priority for Waypoint.
If you or someone you know is involved with substance use that is adversely impacting their life or job performance, you may consult Ontario’s Drug and Alcohol Helpline at for support.