Waypoint proudly participating in Change Day Ontario (en anglais)
Waypoint proudly participating in Change Day Ontario (en anglais)
Posted on 10/25/2017

What is Change Day?
Change Day is a growing global movement that aims to make positive changes in our health system by empowering people to make a pledge and take actions, big or small, to improve compassionate quality care.

We believe that individual acts of change – regardless of their size – can add up to significant improvements for those within the health system, for their work environments, and ultimately for patients.

This fall, Change Day Ontario is coming to Ontario, co-sponsored by Associated Medical Services (AMS) and Health Quality Ontario (HQO). The campaign builds on a successful global movement, beginning in 2013 by the National Health Service (NHS) in England and since adopted by countries all around the world. To date, over a million people have already made pledges.

When is it?
Change Day Ontario is happening on November 17th. However, it isn’t just a day. It’s a movement that runs for a few months and culminates in a day of celebration on November 17th.

Make a pledge
A pledge is something that you commit to doing, changing or improving in health care. It’s that simple! When you are considering your pledge, think about something that you are passionate about. What is one change that you have always wanted to make? Now is the time.

The more pledges made by November 17th, the more
change we will see throughout Ontario’s health care system.

Examples of pledges for NHS Change Day have included:

• Spending a day in a wheelchair to better understand the
   patient experience
• Smiling at colleagues and patients, clients or residents to brighten
   their day
• Spending an hour in an ICU bed to gain insights into patient experience
• Learning more about diabetes to better comprehend the personal and
   social impacts of the disease
• Introducing oneself by name to patients, residents or clients – a relatively
   little thing that can positively affect a patient’s experience and that
   resulted in the global movement #hellomynameis

Visit changedayontario.ca

You can make your pledge online any time after the official launch on September 12th.

At changedayontario.ca you can either create a new pledge or join someone else’s pledge.


You have an idea that you’re eager to try and Change Day Ontario is the
perfect excuse.

You want to spread your idea by having others join your pledge.

You want to inspire others to make their own pledges to improve patient care.

The team around you needs a lift and Change Day Ontario is a great energy boost.

You want to do something for yourself, your team, or your patients/clients.